Custom Fonts Android – Calligraphy

During your development of app, there might be scenario of using Custom font ( most UX designer suggest using custom font). it’s quite easy to add the font for specific view once. but if the designer follows similar pattern across most views..then its a real pain.

In android, if you need to have a custom font, you need to create a custom view class and achieve it. so if you have a text view, Edit text, button etc., all these widgets uses custom font, then you end up creating custom class for each widget. So if widgets keep growing, you will end up creating more custom class which becomes bit hard if you have a lot of custom class.

I looked for a solution in android developer, but unable to find a solution for calligraphy.. Hopefully future android version might have support for it. Finally I ended up in Calligraphy library written by Christopher Jenkins. Its pretty easy to apply to your existing app. if you have style sheet for your app, it’s quite easy to apply the font path else you need to set it in each widget.

Refer the Link on the configuration of Calligraphy library and let me know if you are facing any issue.

Happy coding 🙂


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