Appium Setup – Test tool

Appium Setup – Test tool for Mobile Apps

Installations steps:

·    Brew: Package Manger Install – helpful in installing most apps/tools for mac OS.

Brew install command in cmd

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 


Check Status: type brew doctor – To Check for any issues. If No Issues, then you should be able to see the msg  “Your system is ready to brew”

·    maven

Using brew, you can install the maven. Its very easy. Just type the below command in cmd

“brew install maven”

·     Appium – Automation testing tool for IOS / Android

brew install node      # get node.js
npm install -g appium  # get appium


To verify that all is setup accordingly for each platform, run the following from command line:


·     Appium Server

  • Automation tools works on client-server based model.
  • Test Client will be your app which you will testing with your test instructions
  • Server will be appium server. To execute the appium server, type the below command in Terminal.
Start Appium Server:  "appium &"

Appium GUI

You can also use GUI Interface to run the Appium server, configure the capability and also use the Appium inspector to identify the UI elements (similar to Android UIAutomator). For instructions on setting up GUI interface, checking out code etc.

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